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Experience a complete professional helpdesk that always has your back. We pride ourselves in offering that personal touch and always verifying customer satisfaction before closing a ticket.


Providing Complete IT Support Tailored to Your Business Needs

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24/7 Remote Support

We know that the security of your business is a priority whether it is business hours or not which is why we offer 24/7 remote support in our infinite package.



Customizable features, easy scalability, and huge savings over landlines

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We’ll make sure all your systems, devices, and software are up to date

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Control your costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain value

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We create policies that help automate all your processes in a proactive way.

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Does this Sound Familiar?

You’re Disconnected

with IT support which has lead to a lack of strategic IT planning. You're not sure if you will be able to accomplish your long term goals without technology getting in the way.

Your Network Security is Unsophisticated

which leaves you feeling vulnerable to internal and external security breaches.

You’re Dissatisfied

with IT waiting until something breaks to fix it. They're always fixing a symptom of a bigger issue while never addressing the root problem. You would rather see prevention.

You’re Drained

from your communication needs not being met. This leaves you and your employees feeling confused, forgotten and lowers productivity.

What Makes Us Different

We Cater To Your
Specific Needs

Everybody needs IT but trying to shove our clients into a certain box just doesn’t work for us. This is why we customize each bundle to the client based on the specific needs of them and their industry.

Experience &
Personal Touch

With 20 years of experience in the industry we’ve learned that open communication is the most efficient way to solve IT issues. This is why we are available to our clients via phone/email/chat and in person when necessary.

Remote Support

We know that IT problems love to occur at the most inconvenient of times. You can sleep in peace knowing that Infinite IT is always monitoring, and we are always here to support you.

Cybersecurity Is
Always On Our Mind

In todays times cybersecurity must constantly be evolving to keep up. We surround ourselves in peer groups that focus on security and tools we can use to keep our clients safe.

For Your Own Solution Plan Call 1-888-600-7514

Whether it’s a forgotten password or a down server leave it up to Infinite IT to minimize downtime and get you up and running as soon as possible. With a personal touch and a proactive approach, we get the job done.

Customizable Features

Managed services, security, and data protection to defend their company from outside threats for small business to enterprise size organizations.

  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • VOIP Management
  • Managed Surveillance
  • Network Security
  • Managed Anti Virus
  • Securely Work From Home With 2FA
  • Vendor Management
  • Patch Management and Updates
  • O365 Management and Backup
  • Email Security
  • Email and Device Encryption
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Unlimited Onsite Support
  • Managed Firewall

What Our Clients Say

We value what our clients say and encourage them to provide us with their feedback

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